Frequently Asked Questions

What is ceremonial grade cacao?

Ceremonial grade cacao is genetically different from 99% of commercially available cacao. Beyond genetics, the intention of using this cacao in ritual and ceremony radically changes the way it is handled, from harvest to your cup. 

Dalileo’s Ceremonial Cacao is made from 100% Criollo cacao variety. Criollo is known for its exceptionally smooth and nutty palate. Unlike conventional cacao or cocoa powder, ceremonial cacao has not been defatted and is stone grounded under low temperatures to maximise its health benefits.

All Dalileo’s cacao trees are grown organically and harvested sustainably, employed by regenerative agroforestry. This also means no chemicals or pesticides. The Mayan community who lives around the farm is in charge of the whole process from seed to bar. Above all, they are deeply dedicated to preserving the ancient Mayan methods, which results in a final product full of wisdom and character. 

How does cacao contribute to spiritual practices?

Once we understand that cacao is imbued with intention by everyone who touched it, from harvesting to eating, we can do the same by preparing our drink. It helps us to fully be in the moment and to prepare our minds for what is to come. 

How much cacao should I use?

By increasing the cacao intake the effects will increase gradually. We recommend 20 grams for a little ritual and up to 50 grams for a ceremonial dose to dive deeper into your practice. Traditionally, the drink is made with water, but you can replace it with any plant-based milk to your liking.

What are the health benefits of cacao?

Unlike processed dark chocolate, Dalileo’s cacao has kept all its beneficial health properties. You will find a higher percentage of antioxidants, magnesium, vitamin B and calcium in cacao than in most other food products. This will protect our heart, cardiovascular system and overall health. It contains theobromine, a natural stimulant for energy, focus and increased blood flow to our brain. Cacao is known for its neurocognitive effects that positively impact our brain and uplift our mood, also known as a true heart opener. 

What happens when you consume too much Cacao?

When you drink too much Cacao, you may experience some mild discomfort. Too much Cacao can cause headaches, nausea, and stomach disruptions due to its detoxifying effects.

Who should avoid consuming Cacao in large quantities?

Individuals currently taking any SSRI antidepressants, low blood pressure medication, or those undergoing chemotherapy treatment should not drink more than a meditation dose. The combination of medication and Cacao can cause adverse effects when consumed in higher doses. 

Women who are pregnant should not drink more than 15-20g of pure Cacao to prevent any issues.

Does ceremonial grade cacao contains caffeine?

The main stimulating ingredient in Cacao is Theobromine. Theobromine is in the same family as caffeine; however, it’s much more gentle on the adrenal glands and nervous system. It is also more alkalizing. Most strains of Cacao contain some caffeine, as well. Heirloom strains from Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize have very little caffeine, however. These types of cacao are recommended for ceremonial experiences.