Cacao Ceremonies by the Conscious Cousins


Meet the Conscious Cousins, Lisa and Guusje, a heartwarming duo who combine their passions to create enchanting cacao events!

Lisa is our cacao enthusiast, with a deep love for sharing the healing properties of this special drink. Her warm heart and soulful words inspire others to open and embrace themselves while immersing themselves in the magic of cacao.

Guusje, the sparkling dancer, brings her passion for dance and movement to our events. With her energetic movements and sound healing skills she creates a safe space for healing harmony, where people can feel free to let their souls dance.

Step into our world of magic, love and healing vibrations and be enchanted on our journey of self-discovery and connection. Whether you are looking for peace, inspiration or simply a heart-warming experience, at our events everyone is welcome to participate in a unique journey to the heart of spirituality. We look forward to welcoming you and shining together as Conscious Cousins!

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