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Slightly Roasted Cacao Beans Guatemala 30g

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Slightly Roasted Criollo Cacao Beans Guatemala 30g

100% Criollo cacao variety. Criollo is known for its exceptionally smooth and nutty palate. 

The base of our Ceremonial Cacao. Incredible snack. Great to eat before your cacao drink to be completely aware of the raw taste. 

This cacao beans have kept all its beneficial health properties. You will find a higher percentage of antioxidants, magnesium, vitamin B and calcium in cacao than in most other food products. This will protect our heart, cardiovascular system and overall health. It contains theobromine, a natural stimulant for energy, focus and increased blood flow to our brain. Cacao is known for its neurocognitive effects that positively impact our brain and uplift our mood, also known as a true heart opener. 

All Dalileo’s cacao trees are grown organically and harvested sustainably, employed by regenerative agroforestry. This also means no chemicals or pesticides. 

Important: peel before eat 

No waste tip: keep the skins and make a beautiful brew as the base of your cacao drink