Prepare your cup of Cacao

Prepare your cup of Cacao

When we realize that cacao is imbued with intention by everyone who touched it, from growing to eating, we can do the same by preparing our drink. It helps us to fully be in the moment and to prepare our minds for what is to come. 

In the Mayan Lands they originally prepared the cacao with water. They would immediately add water after grounding the cacao. Dalileo's stone grounded cacao is poured into malls and delivered to you like that. By keeping it in blocks the cacao stays very fresh. For preparing the cacao we will have to cut it from the block.


We recommend 

15 g for a Casual dose

30 g for a  Medium/Meditation Dose 

45 g for a Ceremonial Dose 

+ 200-300 ml water (you can add 1/3 nut or oat milk for a more creamy result)


1.  Heat up water to just under boiling 

2. While heating up water, begin to chop or grate the ceremonial grade Cacao

3. Mix chopped Cacao with hot water/milk mix . It should be hot enough to touch with fingers just under boiling. 

+ add spices to you liking like cardamom, cayenne or ginger. 


The mayans already knew how to perfectly mix the cacao using the 'Chocolate whisk'. I can imagine you don't have one at home so a blender or frother does the trick as-well to create this super smooth texture!


Now relax, be grateful & enjoy!


Side notes:

Unlike cocoa powder, Ceremonial Cacao has not been defatted and requires warm water and thorough blending for it to mix well. There is nothing added to the cacao. This leads the naturally occurring fats to separate from the liquid. This is called blooming and is completely normal. The properties of the Cacao remain intact and its quality does not change.

We recommend avoiding regular milk as it can create indigestion when combining it with high amounts of Theobroma Cacao. It also has too much calcium, affecting the absorption of nutrients found in Cacao.


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